Indian J Med Microbiol

Figure 3 :Composite picture showing "box plots" for faecal enterobacteria and bifidobacteria determined by quantitative polymerase chain reaction using primers targeted at 16S rDNA. Bacterial counts are expressed as log10 cfu/g faeces. For each set of data, the horizontal line within the box is the median, the box ends are the interquartile range, and the whiskers represent the absolute range. On the X-axis, Control refers to healthy neonates without rotavirus infection at any stage in the first month of life. "Rota+" refers to neonates who had rotavirus infection in the first month of life, while "Rota-" refers to samples from the same neonates after they cleared the rotavirus infection. None of the differences between the groups were statistically significant. Comparisons between Control and Rota+ were made using Mann Whitney U test and comparisons between Rota+ and Rota- were made using Wilcoxon matched pairs test.

Figure 3 :Composite picture showing