Indian Journal of Medical Research

: 2013  |  Volume : 138  |  Issue : 3  |  Page : 370-

Patellar metastasis of melanoma

Faruk Tas, Serkan Keskin 
 Institute of Oncology, University of Istanbul Capa, 34390, Istanbul, Turkey

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Faruk Tas
Institute of Oncology, University of Istanbul Capa, 34390, Istanbul

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Tas F, Keskin S. Patellar metastasis of melanoma.Indian J Med Res 2013;138:370-370

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Tas F, Keskin S. Patellar metastasis of melanoma. Indian J Med Res [serial online] 2013 [cited 2020 Apr 6 ];138:370-370
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A 52-year old woman with histologically diagnosed melanoma presented to the Institute of Oncology, University of Istanbul, Turkey, for further management in June 2010. The patient had a history of a melanoma on her back, and had undergone wide excision of lesion followed by lymphadenectomy. Her disease stage was Stage III. PET/CT scan was performed to investigate metastatic areas. Increased 18 F-fluorodeoxyglucose accumulation in the posterior of patella was observed with SUVmax (standardized uptake rate) value 14.6 [Figure 1]. Diagnosis of melanoma metastasis to patella was confirmed by histologically. The patient was treated with single-agent temozolomide chemotherapy. No response to chemotherapy was found and she died due to progressive disease after 15 months. Primary intra-osseous lesions of the patella are rare [1] and account for 0.12 per cent of all primary bone tumours. Amongst the reported malignant lesions, haemangioendothelioma, lymphoma, osteosarcoma and metastasis are the most common tumours [1] . Metastasis to the patella is extremely rare in comparison with primary tumours of the patella because it has a relatively poor blood supply, consisting of a few nutrient branches from the collateral vessels of the knee [2] . Melanoma is well known for its ability to metastasize to virtually any organ or tissue, including some sites rarely seen with other solid tumours [3] . Similar to rare metastases to the heart, adrenal glands, pancreas, and kidneys, metastasis to patella was earlier detected infrequently (<1%), although these are now identified with much greater frequency with the use of CT scans and PET. In the literature, only a single case report was found [4] except our presentation.{Figure 1}


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